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Teaching Artist | Director | Costume Designer

A theatre artist dedicated to helping others discover their inner artistic voice and creating environments where exploration and creativity can flourish.

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"My son is 14 and connection with peers in HUGE right now. His experience in the week-long Improv intensive was powerful and bonded him to the kids he attended camp with. I was struck by how long these kids huddled after the end of the camp for groups hugs, selfies and even some tears. They seemed to be making a pact to all audition for upcoming GREAT productions and the SAME camp next year. This was the most powerful connecting I've seen from these experiences, but their experiences in camp have ALWAYS been positive and have served to connect them to new friends." 

"Our teen hasn't been all into theater camps lately, mostly because he's developing creatively and trying out new humor. The new Improv class this year was a perfect fit! He was excited to go each day, and engaged to the end. We could see the joy in his face during the final performance; it was refreshing to see. This was an experience he could not have gotten anywhere else."

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